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What is Word Counter?

Word Counter is free to use an online tool by NiaTools, which lets you count words and characters in the text content. "Word Counter" tool can be handy for:

Bloggers & Content Writers:

Word count is always necessary if you are writing an article for yourself or someone else. Our tool is helpful for your website's SEO. For example, Your content's body should be at least 300 words, and the title must be less than 70 characters to boost your rankings.

Students & Teachers:

As a student, you often have to write assignments with a certain number of words. Instead of counting every word by yourself, "Word Counter" will help count the words and do its work.

How Does Word Counter Tool Works?

When you enter your text content into the textbox, our tool scans your text and shows results instantly within a split second. It returns results such as:

  • The total number of words.
  • The total number of characters.
  • The total number of characters excluding spaces.
  • Reading Time.
  • Speaking Time.

Why Word Counter By NiaTools?

There are a lot of alternative "Word Counter" tools out there on the internet. Our "Word Counter" tool is a better version of other Word Counter tools online. It offers a User-Friendly Interface, and we take users' privacy very seriously. That's why we protect users' privacy and don't store any sensitive data. Our tool will always be free for you.

How Can Words Counter Be Useful For Me?

Our tool is helpful for you in many areas online, especially on social media. Such as:

  • Long ago, Twitter had a limit of 140 characters, later changed to 280.
  • You won't be able to post anything more than precisely 63,206 characters or comment more than 8,000 characters on Facebook. Instagram only allows 30
  • Instagram only allows 30 Hashtags. The Instagram caption limit is 2,200 characters.
  • If you want your page to rank on the first page of Google, your blog post should be at least 1800 words.

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