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Enter the number of steams and get an estimated revenue, you can make from popular DSP like Spotify, Apple Music.

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*This is an estimated calculation. Real revenue depends on multiple factors.

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What is Streaming Royalty?

Streaming royalties are primarily based totally on the variety of times music is played, and artists whose music is streamed the maximum get hold of a bigger part of a service's general revenue. In this way, streaming royalties range considerably from virtual downloads.

How do I calculate my streaming royalty?

Enter the number of expected streaming in textbox then click the "Calculate" button and our tool will calculate the revenue from Digital Streaming Platforms based on the number of streams you entered. "Streaming Royalty Calculator" only provides estimation, real earning will be calculated based on multiple factors such as streaming type, country etc.

How much can I earn from streaming?

Streaming revenue depends on multiple factors, few are listed below:

  1. Streaming platforms (Such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)
  2. The type of streaming platform (On-demand or Non-interactive)
  3. Duration of music played (Less the song is played, less the revenue)
  4. Type of account used by people streaming your music (Free or Paid)
  5. The “pay-per-stream” rates per country

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