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What is a QR Code?

QR Code stands For "Quick Response Code." It was developed in 1994 by Masahiro Hara from a Japanese Company called "Denso Wave." QR code is a scannable code with an array of black and white blocks that stores data such as URLs, Text, Emails, and much more. QR codes are used to track information about products. Nowadays, most smartphones have built-in QR readers – they are often used in marketing and advertising campaigns. More recently, they played an essential role in supporting to trace coronavirus exposure and slowing down the spread of the virus.

What is the difference between a QR code and Barcode?

The main difference between barcodes and QR codes is physical dimensions. Barcodes are scanned in a single line. On the other hand, QR codes add another dimension from which information can be written and checked. Instead of a single line, these labels can be read vertically and horizontally.

QR Code Generator URL
QR Code vs Bar Code

How does QR Code Works?

QR Code works in the way as to bar code. It is instantly scanned and read by machines and even smartphone cameras. When the phone camera scans the QR Code, it translates the code to the information easily understood by humans.

How to Generate QR code?

You can quickly generate your QR code by entering your URL, Text, Email, or Phone Number in the text box and clicking the “Generate” button. Our “QR Code Generator URL” tool will instantly generate a QR Code for your given text. You can generate QR Codes from URL, Link, Text, Phone, etc. The “QR Code Generator URL” tool is free forever for you.

How to Generate Multiple QR Codes At Once?

You can also generate QR codes in bulk using “QR Code Generator URL” by entering your links or text in the textbox separated by commas. For example, text1, niatools.com, admin@admin.com. You need to remember that the more values you have to generate a QR code from, the more time it will take. Our free version allows you to generate 10 QR Codes at once to avoid overload on our server.

How can I scan a QR code?

You can quickly scan QR codes using your smartphone. Almost 3 billion people have smartphones in the world and most of the smartphones come with a built-in QR code scanner, or you can install “QR Code Scanner” apps from Google Playstore or Appstore. However, We are also working on our own online QR Code Scanner which will help you scan QR codes from Images to help you use the “QR Code Generator URL” tool and “QR Code scanner” in one place.

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