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How To Generate A Strong Password Using the "Strong Password Generator" Tool?

Being safe online is essential online nowadays. To protect your account from hackers or being comprised. It would be best if you had a strong password. Using our "Strong Password Generator" tool, you can generate a strong password. You need to enter the length of the password you want to generate. We would suggest keeping a password longer than 12 characters. The longer your password is, the longer it will take hackers to crack it. Below is how much supercomputers will take to crack your password.

  • 6 Characters: 5 Seconds
  • 8 Characters: 2 Hours
  • 12 Characters: 3 Thousand Years
  • 24 Characters: 1 Octillion Years
  • 48 Characters: 2 Tresvigintillion Years (I don't even know if it is a word)

What Is An Example Of A Strong Password?

Strong Passwords always contain letters, symbols, and numbers. Most weak passwords are, whether only letters or only numbers, so make sure your password is with a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols and will also be longer, which will make it stronger and even harder to crack with supercomputers. Strong passwords should not contain personal information.
Weak Password: butterfly123
Strong Password: Ph37!Ydb6AK6

How To Prevent My Passwords From Being Hacked Or Leaked?

As safety is your number 1 focus and priority online, it is essential to be safe and protect yourself from hacking attacks and data leaks. You should apply the following practices to avoid them.

Never use the same password over multiple websites.
Always use different passwords on multiple websites. For instance, your Facebook account's password is leaked, so a hacker would be able to guess your Instagram account's password easily as it would be different from your Facebook account.
Avoid using dictionary words like "Flowers."
When hackers start a cracking process, their program first executes commands with dictionary words, and second, your password only has letters that are so weak for a password.
Don't submit your login credentials over untrusted websites.
Most of the common ways hackers get your credentials is through "Phishing Websites." Hackers replicate login pages of popular websites and pretend to be that website; when a user enters their login details, hackers capture your data and use them to hack your accounts.
Always change your passwords every once in a while
It is good practice to keep changing and updating your password once every two weeks. It will help if your password is already leaked somewhere; it will be incorrect after changing it.
Never share your passwords with anyone through Mail or SMS
It would be best if you didn't trust anyone online. Hackers can pretend to be your friend, or they might lure you in to give your fake reward.

How to remember strong passwords?

Okay, so creating a strong password will help you stay safe online but remembering random symbols and letters is difficult. But you can prevent this headache by using an application called "NordPass," which is free and easy to use. It saves all passwords for you and autofill them when you need them.

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