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What is the "Keyword Suggestion Tool"?

"Keyword Suggestion Tool" is the best, easy, and free-to-use SEO tool for keyword research. It is one of the professional keyword research tools which returns the best SEO keyword suggestions. It provides all keywords and information for free.

How Does "Keyword Suggestion Tool" Work?

When you enter a keyword and click the "Generate" button. You get provided with the best keywords. "Keyword Suggestions Tool" returns keywords from Google Autocomplete API and uses other third-party APIs to provide you best, accurate and relevant keywords.

Can I Use It As a "Keyword Tool For YouTube"?

Yes, You can use this tool also as YouTube Keyword Tool as it returns suggestions from Google and YouTube also belongs to Google. But if you want even accurate and relevant keyword suggestions for YouTube, you can use the "YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool" which returns suggestions directly from YouTube Autocomplete API.

Where Can I Use Generated Keywords?

As our free keyword suggestion tool returns a lot of suggestions, you can use long-tail keywords as they have less competition. It will help your content to rank even faster without any difficulty. For example, Instead of targeting for the keyword "email marketing", you can aim for "email marketing for beginners" or to make it even long tail, you can use "email marketing for beginners 2022" which will be easier to rank than just "email marketing".

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