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Convert LowerCase Text to UpperCase & UpperCase to LowerCase.

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What is "Text Case Converter" by Niatools?

"Text Case Converter" is a very easy-to-use online tool by NiaTools. Our tool helps everyone (including content writers, students, etc.) effortlessly switch your content text between Lowercase or Uppercase. Our tool currently allows you to convert lowercase text to uppercase text or uppercase text to lowercase text.

How to Turn Capital letters into Lowercase?

Have you typed your text accidentally in all capitals? No worries! You can easily change your upper case text into Lowercase. Enter your text into the text box and choose "Lowercase" mode, and our "Change Text Case" tool will instantly convert your text into uppercase. If you desire to change uppercase to Lowercase for another text, then you press the "Clear" button and start over.

How to Change Lowercase to Uppercase?

Converting Lowercase into uppercase is as easy just like converting uppercase to Lowercase. All you need to do is:

  • Paste your small case into the textbox above.
  • Choose "Lower case" mode.
  • And our tool will change your content into uppercase.

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