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What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is an advertising network run by Google. Publishers can monetize their website by placing text, image, and video advertisements from Google. These advertisements are managed by Google, which makes them trustable.

How can I calculate Adsense ad revenue using this "Adsense revenue Calculator"?

You can estimate your Adsense revenue and earnings by entering your daily page views, C.T.R. (Click Through Rate), C.P.M. (Cost Per Thousand). After entering the required fields, click the "Calculate" button. Our Adsense Revenue Tool will estimate how much your potential earning will be depending on the values you provided. We use the following formula to Calculate Ad Revenue: (Page View / 1000) * C.P.M.

What do CTR, CPM, and CPC stand for?


CTR stands for Click Through Rate. The percentage indicates the number of clicks ad received per 100 impressions. The formula used to calculate CTR: (Total Clicks/Impressions Received)*100.


CPM stands for Cost Per Mille. M is for 1000 in the Greek language. It denotes how much advertisers have to pay per thousand impressions. Publishers get an average of 60% commission from Google Adsense, which means you get 60% of what the original advertiser paid.


CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It suggests how much the advertiser pays per click on an advertisement. The publisher makes part of that CPC. The average CPC. varies from $0.2 to $15.

How much does Google Adsense pay per 1000 views?

Google Adsense pays publishers when a visitor clicks on their ad. Average Google Adsense revenue per 1000 visits, also known as C.P.M. (Cost Per Mille/Thousand), will range from $0.5 to $43. It depends on multiple factors such as:

  • Page Content
  • Visitor's Country
  • Ad Placement
  • Website Category
  • and much more.

Can I Use This Calculator To Estimate My YouTube Adsense Income/Revenue?

Yes, You can use this tool as a "YouTube Adsense money calculator" as well. Instead of Pageviews, you can enter your daily video views. Our tool will provide estimated earnings/profits you will earn. Remember that it is just an estimation.

How to increase my ad revenue?

You can increase your Google Adsense ad revenue by applying the following tips:

Provide Best User Experience:

The best user experience is key to a website's success. With so much competition around, your website needs to look different and unique to users and make sure it provides some value.

Experiment With Ad Placements:

As a publisher, you should experiment with different ad placements. Small Ad change can increase your revenue by 72%. It would be best to try different ad sizes to create different mobile strategies (as mobile users are rapidly growing). You can also use "Google Adsense's Auto Ad" to let Google do the work for you and pick the best ad sizes and locations.

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